Rice Kheer Recipe | How To Make Kheer At Home

Rice Kheer Recipe is an Indian dessert. Which everyone loves to eat do you know also. Mainly this dish is made as a dessert whenever there is any puja or birthday party in their home. It is exceptionally simple to make, if you need to make kheer at your home then follow this recipe.

Rice Kheer Recipe | How To Make Kheer At Home

Rice Kheer Recipe | How To Make Kheer At Home – Ingredients

Ingredients Quantity
Rice 1/4 cup
Milk  1 ltr
Sugar 1/2 cup 
Cardamom  2 teaspoon finly chopped
Pistachios 2 spoon finly chopped
Ghee 1 spoon
Almonds 2 spoon finly chopped
Raisins 2 spoon finly chopped
Cherry 2 spoon finly chopped

Rice Kheer Recipe | How To Make Kheer At Home – Direction

Rice Kheer Recipe Step 1

firstly we have to turn on the gas oven and take a big vessel which can easily fill 2 liters of milk, put the vessel on the gas and then pour 1 liter milk in it. Then the milk has to be heated like this until it starts boiling. After the milk starts boiling, the milk has to be kept stirring so that the milk does not settle in the vessel.

Rice Kheer Recipe Step 2

Wash the rice with water then add 1 spoon of desi ghee to the rice and melt it well and afterward save the rice for 15 minutes. after that add the rice in milk, when the milk bubbles. Keep the gas oven on in low flame and keep stirring the rice for 2-4 minutes until the rice is cooked.

Rice Kheer Recipe Step 3

When the rice is cooked then add chopped almonds, cashews, raisins and pistachios on it. After this you continue to move it gradually for quite a while.

Rice Kheer Recipe Step 4

When the kheer is ready, add 1/4 teaspoon cardamom powder in kheer. And also add 1/2 cup sugar. You can add more sugar according to your taste. Now mix the kheer well and leave it for 5 minutes. And turn off the gas.

After 5 minutes the kheer was ready. Now you can serve it and when it is done, you can add cherries, cashew nuts, raisins pistachios as per your wish on the kheer.

Tips Of Rice Kheer Recipe

  • There are two types of rice for making kheer, one Govind Bhog rice and one Arva rice and also basmati rice, but basmati rice is   better for making rice kheer.
  • You can add dry natural products to the kheer (cashew nuts, raisins, pistachios, almonds, makhana, coconut, cherry) according to your taste.
  • You can also add turmeric/saffron to the kheer by which the color of the kheer will be changed.
  • You can likewise add jaggery rather than sugar in kheer.
  • While making kheer, don’t add water in kheer, make kheer just with milk, which makes kheer more delicious.

Benifit Of Rice Kheer Recipe

  • Many dry organic products are added to kheer, which is extremely gainful for wellbeing.
  • Dressing components are found in kheer.
  • Protein, Vitamin D and calcium are found in kheer, which creates body bones.
  • Kheer is especially made during the puja path and is offered to the gods.
  • Eating kheer also provides energy to the body.

Here the Rice kheer is ready. And it doesn’t take much time, your kheer is ready in approximately 40 minutes. The recipe for making it has been given, you can easily make delicious kheer at home by following this post. 

Which type of rice is used to make kheer?

To make kheer, Gobind Bhog, Arva rice and Basmati rice are used.

What ingredients are used for kheer?

Rice, milk, ghee, dry fruits, sugar.

By what other name is kheer known?

Another name for kheer is payas?

What is the maximum time taken to make kheer?

It takes approximately 40 minutes to make kheer.

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