Mojito Recipe | How To Make Mojito At Home

Mojito Recipe | How To Make Mojito At Home : Everyone likes to drink mojito. Since Summer times, at whatever anybody who return home from outside or any visitor comes to our home, we will be serving lemon water juice. 
Mojito is very beneficial for the stomach for the summer season. You can make it very easily at home. which will give you like restaurant feeling. After drinking this you will feel very refreshed. if you want to make it then let’s come with me and follow.

Mojito Recipe | How To Make Mojito At Home

Mojito Recipe | How To Make Mojito At Home – Ingredients 

Ingredients Quantity
Lemon 3
Mint leaves 10-12 strips
Pepper Mint Tablets (Polo Chocolate) 1 teaspoon (ground)
soda 1/4 teaspoon 
Sugar 2 teaspoons ground
ice crushed
Black salt 2 pinches

Mojito Recipe | How To Make Mojito At Home – Direction

To make continuous mojito,

  1. At First cut 1 whole lemon in small pieces. And also the juice of one lemon has to be extracted and separated. Additionally cut the lemon into cuts with the goal that you don’t need to cut them later for decorating.
  2. Then take a glass and put a piece of lemon in it along with 18-20 mint leaves.
  3. Now the lemon pieces and mint leaves have to be pressed with a rolling pin so that the juice comes out from the lemon and the mint flavor also comes out.
  4. Now add 2 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon powdered of sugar. If you don’t have pepper mint powder, you can also add Polo chocolate powder 1/2 teaspoon. Add 2 pinches of salt. We like to need add the juice of 1 lemon which we had previously kept aside.
  5. Then crush 2 spoons of ice and add it. After this lastly add soda in it and fill the glass. And last put all the things in the glass and mix them.
  6. For garnishing, put lemon slices in the glass and add mint leaves. your mojito is ready.

Benifit of Mojito

  • Mojito is produced using lemon, L-ascorbic acid is tracked down in lemon. Which shields from the diseases brought about by evolving climate.
  • Alongside lemon, mint is likewise found in mojito which is better for Pachan Agni.
  • Mojito helps the body from torment after exercise.
  • This is a combination of lemon or mint, calcium is tracked down in mint or lemon.
  • Drinking mojito cools the body and improves our mood.

In Conclusion

Mojito is a cold drink. it’s a healthy drink,  Which can be easily made at home. The recipe for making it has been given, you can make it by folloing this recipe tips. so don’t think and make it and enjoy it with your family. It requires no unique fixings.

Mojitos is difficult to make?

No, its very easy.

Will mojito be alcoholic?

Mojitos ordinarily contain white rum, which has much lighter and all the more new flavor.

mojito and mocktail are same?

A mojito mocktail keeps all the new mint and lime flavors found in a mojito and wipes out the alcohol.

What's the most grounded mixed drink?

Aunt Roberta

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